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Do you have any questions? Here are some helpful answers...

Why do I need someone to service my pool?

Most people believe that they can net out the leaves or debris flowing on the water and poor in some chlorine and their pool will be ok. That is incorrect. We not only clean the pool (Net out debris floating on water, and vacuum dust on pool bottom), we also maintain the pool equipment, as well as balance the chemicals(Most important). We not only make sure your pool is properly chlorinated, but balance your ph, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and TDS. Too high or too low can ruin your plaster, equipment and can unsafe to swim in.

What can I do if I have algae?

Usually, algae is not hazardous to your health. Although algae might not present a health risk, it can make the water cloudy and your pool look dirty, thus negatively impacting your pool enjoyment. Your constant chemical cleaning can reduce the amount of algae in the pool. If that does not help, you should contact a professional cleaning service. We would be glad to provide you with this service.

How long should I run my swimming pool filtration system?

Summer Months: 8-10 hours per day
Winter Months: 6-8 hours per day

How long should I wait to swim after the pool has been shocked with chlorine?

Generally 4-6 hours.

What should I do if my pools pump or filter is making strange noises?

Always turn the system off at the breaker (not the time clock), and contact a pool technician asap.

How can I tell if my pool has a leak?

Simply fill a bucket with pool water and put it in the pool so that the water level of the bucket and the pool are the same. If the water level in the pool is lower than the water level in the bucket after one week, you probably have a leak. This method is relatively reliable, because the condensation behavior is the same in both tanks.

What is PH?

PH is the measurement of the pools hydrogen ion content, or how acidic or alkaline your water is. Too low and the water is corrosive & can irritate skin and eyes. Too high and water is cloudy and effects chlorine.

What is total alkalinity?

Total of all alkaline components in water. Too low can cause green water & plaster etching. Too high can cause cloudy water and make chlorine ineffective.

What is calcium hardness?

It is the mineral content of the water, mainly calcium. A calcium hardness level that is too low can cause plaster etching and corrosion. Too high can cause scale formation, clogged pipes, eye irritation, & rough plaster surfaces.

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