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UV Ozone System

"Chlorine free" pools – Is it possible?

Chlorine can cause skin irritations, rashes, burning eyes, and it has also been linked to several health problems including Asthma in young children. “Chlorine free” pools have long been a dream for pool owners everywhere, but there are no “chemical free” pool systems that claim not to require a residual sanitizer (usually chlorine). Salt systems are simply chlorine generators, and require expensive upkeep.

There is a better option - Ultraviolet Light.

Through the past few years, Ultraviolet Light has distinguished itself as the gold standard in swimming pool disinfection. It is cutting-edge, state of the art technology preferred by more than 60% of modern aquatic centers. UV systems are able to destroy more than 99% of the organic matter in pools and spas, without knocking your pools chemistry out of balance.

How UV combined with Ozone Works

UV acts as an extremely powerful disinfectant. It inactivates microorganisms and breaks down pollutants (e.g. chloramines) by photo-oxidation, decreasing the oxidant demand of the purified water. When UV is combined with Ozone, it takes on the task of oxidation, resulting in a substantial reduction in the amount of chlorine needed to maintain your pool. Chlorine residual can be reduced from the normal 3-5 ppm (parts per million) down to 0.5 ppm which is equivalent to the chlorine content in tap water.

Now is the time to make the change

The cost of these systems has come down dramatically over the past few years making them less expensive than a basic Salt System. If you are interested in Learning more about UV systems, Contact us today: 818-632-6530 

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